Fashion Versus Human Trafficking, Donating 10% of Our Online Proceeds

From now until September 2019, we are collaborating with Alicia Kozakiewicz to donate 10% of all of Chelsea Novelle's consumer proceeds to Protect, a mission to fight human trafficking, promote online safety, and rescue abducted children.


We care not only because these issues once hurt our dear friend, but they are are also wildly relevant to everyone online today.

As amazing as our digital world can be, there's also a dark side that some of us neglect to remember. Stranger danger is real and at our fingertips. How easy is it for us to pick up our phones and engage with anyone around the world today? Incredibly easy. Sometimes it's a blessing, but to some, it has been distorted into a nightmare.

We are supporting Alicia's cause to help exemplify all the reasons why we need to care about online safety and to participate in fighting human trafficking and saving abducted children worldwide. It is our way of giving back.



At the age of 13, Alicia Kozakiewicz became the first widely reported Internet-related child abduction victim. The abduction took place on January 1, 2002, when Alicia was kidnapped outside of her Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home after having been groomed online and lured by an Internet predator. Chelsea Novelle Donates to Protect Sponsored by Alicia Kozakiewicz The 38-year-old man transported Alicia by car to his Herndon, Virginia home where she was held captive in his basement dungeon. Throughout her captivity, Alicia was chained by the neck, sexually assaulted, and her torture was live-streamed. Terrified, knowing that the man would soon kill her, Alicia struggled to maintain hope that she would be found. Unbeknownst to her, the FBI received a tip from an online informant who had seen the livestream video. Following digital footprints, law enforcement stormed the captor’s home and discovered the petrified 13-year-old girl chained to the floor. Cutting the chain from around her neck, Alicia was set free.


Following a period of counseling and healing, at just 14 years old, Alicia made the choice to fight back. Refusing to let her traumatic experience define her, but rather, choosing to define it, Alicia began to share her story and motivational message through The Alicia Project. Age appropriate, but never sugar-coated, she continues to educate families and children of all ages, and with presentations tailored to fit each specific audience, Alicia astounds communities, corporations, law enforcement, as well as social and governmental agencies. Alicia has been honored to present at corporations such as JPMorgan Chase Bank, FedEx, Mayo Clinic, Caterpillar, RSA, Australia Information Security Association, among others, providing both employee motivation and awareness.  She has traveled to Canada and Australia to share her story and inspirational message, and is looking to forward to future international presentations. 

Chelsea Novelle Donates to Protect Sponsored by Alicia Kozakiewicz

Alicia works alongside PROTECT to secure the passage of her namesake, Alicia's Law, in all 50 states. Alicia's Law provides a dedicated steady stream of state-specific funding to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces.


Chelsea Novelle Supports Protect Sponsored by Alicia Kozakiewicz

Alicia spoke alongside our team at Chelsea Novelle at a motivational brunch and fashion social/popup in New York City at The Lanes Living.

We were honored to work with Alicia and are humbled to continue to support her cause.

Learn more about Alicia at

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